Why Do I need a flu jab?

How it works: The vaccination contains an inactive part of the influenza virus, which triggers the immune system to produce anti-bodies against the virus. In case of an influenza out-break, the antibodies attack the virus and the vaccinated person does not get ill.

There are many misconceptions about the flu jab.

Many different cough and cold viruses can cause flu like symptoms. The flu jab does not protect from them. Because of the time of the year when the flu jab is given, people sometimes get a cold after the flu jab and blame the vaccination for it. That is simply not possible.

The influenza virus can cause severe illness and has caused many deaths in the past when there were massive outbreaks. By having the flu jab, you not only protect yourself, but also protect your com-munity by stopping the virus to spread.

If you are eligible for a flu jab, please come to the flu days at Linden Hall Surgery!