Linden Hall Surgery Patient Participation Group

A doctor, a receptionist and the practice manager met  on 9/2/2012 for an initial meeting with Patient Participation Group , 7 people were invited, only 2 turned up.

We discussed ways of how to find out about patient opinion and how to improve communication with patients.

We looked at different questionnaires, the group agreed to modify one of the model questionnaires, emphasis on confidentiality and the purpose of questionnaire was pointed out.

A questionnaire was designed and after approval was given out in surgery to attending patients. It was decided that this would be a good start, since patients just had seen a doctor and would be able to comment on their experience.

It was agreed that at a later stage questionnaires might be put on the website or be emailed out to gain the opinion of a wider patient group.

237 questionnaires were filled in over 2 weeks.

The Patient Participation Group (PPG) met again on 15/3/2012 after questionnaires were analysed to discuss the results.

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We also held an educational meeting with all practice staff on 22/3/12 and the results were presented and discussed.

After these two meeting we developed our action plans.

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