Patient Participation Group What is it and what does it do?

Some of you will be aware that, like other practices in the area, Linden Hall has its own Patient Participation Group. The PPG was initially formed by inviting patients to join the group. with the aim of improving services the Practice offers.

Currently the group has up to 12 members who meet every 6-8 weeks to discuss various issues and matters that can or could affect the Practice or its patients. These include communication with patients and how it can be improved to be more effective, patient surveys to improve services offers, and how you, the patient, currently feel how the Practice performs, does it perform to your expectations?

The Chair is Dr Waldendorf, who also brings items for discussion by the Group.

Should you wish to raise anything that you believe should be discussed by the group please email:

marking it for the attention of the PPG or leave a note at reception, outlining your view, comment or concern, and if you would like a personal response from us.

The Group is always looking for further input from patients and ideally, it would be good to have patient representatives from across all age groups.

Should you feel that you could be part of and contribute to the PPG, please leave your details at reception.