Reception and front of house Action Plan

The questionnaires showed that 225 (95%) patients found the reception staff helpful, friendly and polite and 226 (95%) felt that they were seen quickly by the receptionist.

When we asked our patients how they felt about the confidentiality of their information, whilst being helped at reception area.  143 (60%) said they felt that they were overheard but did not mind, 71 (30%) said that they did not think that other patients could hear their conversations, but 23 (10%) felt that they were overheard and that they felt that it was a problem.

Since the refurbishment of the reception area, conversations being overheard has become inevitable, however in general terms subjects discussed at reception were not too personal or of a confidential nature.  It was suggested that a sign could be displayed advising patients that if they would like to speak privately and confidentially to a member of staff, then this could be arranged.


  • It was agreed that new signs would be sourced and displayed as soon as possible.
  • It was agreed that staff working within the reception area would continue to be vigilant when dealing with patients who may be vulnerable, or when dealing  with confidential or personal information which individuals may not want sharing with others within the surgery.