Repeat Prescriptions Action Plan

In general terms, our patients were happy that their scripts were issued on time and that if they had any queries that they were handled well and in a timely manor.

The greater area of concern, within the area of repeat prescriptions, was that 11 said that the prescriptions were not issued correctly.  It was agreed that more details were needed in future regarding this matter, so that we could ascertain where the errors were being made, and the exact nature of the error; could the patient consider that an item not issued due to being referred to the Doctor (either past medication, acute medication etc) be considered as an error ?; are the patients including errors at the chemist in this figure ?; patients may consider that a change of name of the drug issued (generic drug issued) be considered an error; could the error have been made at the hospital or other outside agency ?


  • It was agreed that in future all queries regarding prescriptions, which are sent to the doctor each morning e.g. acute medication, past medication, new medications etc, would be completed by the Doctor, who would print off the script and destroy the query form to minimise any further confusion and delays.