Changes at Linden Hall

After more than 20 years at Linden Hall, Dr Roger Henderson retired in September as a Partner and became a Salaried GP, at the same time reducing his work time to 3 days a week. We would like to thank him for his hard and enthusiastic work as Senior Partner. Dr Stefan Waldendorf will be the new Senior Partner.

We are happy to announce that Dr Jonathan Yin has joined as a Partner on the 1st of September. He was a Registrar with us for one year and has worked as a Salaried GP at Linden Hall since.

Dr Thinzar Myint successfully finished her training and is now working at a surgery in Shrewsbury. 
Our new Registrar, Dr Peter May, started to work with us in August, he is in his final year and will be with us for one year.

We also have a new Foundation Year Doctor, Dr Sebastian Salamat, who will be with us for four months.