HSCIC data sharing

The Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) has been given permission by the NHS to automatically collect data about you from the surgery clinical data system.

Note that this is NOT the same as the summary care records (SCR) upload. If you opted out of the SCR, that will not have any effect on the HSCIC data collection.

HSCIC collects your date of birth, NHS number and gender and stores it in a way so that you cannot be identified by it. It then collects information about family history, diagnoses, referrals, investigation results, and medication.

What is it for? 

NHS England says it will “find more effective ways of preventing or managing illnesses; advise local decision makers how best to meet the needs of local communities; promote public health by monitoring risks of disease spread; map out pathways of care to streamline inefficiencies and reduce waiting times; determine how to use NHS resources most fairly and efficiently”.

If you would like more information about this you can visit:  www.nhs.uk/caredata

Although the practice may not opt-out of the process, individual patients can do so if they want. If you wish to prevent your data being used for this purpose please ask for a form at reception.