The Covid booster and flu vaccination program autumn 2021

This autumn our GP surgeries will provide both the flu vaccinations and the Covid booster
vaccinations for our patients.

We will start with the flu vaccinations in late September / early October at the individual surgeries.
After running a successful Covid Vaccination Hub earlier this year, we are planning to deliver the
Covid booster vaccinations directly from the 4 surgeries as well.

The Covid booster vaccinations need to be 6 months after the 2nd Covid vaccinations, as a result
we will start with those a bit later, we are awaiting further guidance from the NHS for this.
The Covid vaccination appointments are likely to be organised in 2 stages, with the first stage
focussing on patients over 70, extremely vulnerable patients, health and care workers and care
home residents and staff.

The 2nd stage will include patients over 50 and those with underlying health conditions.
Patients for both vaccinations will be invited by text message primarily, otherwise we will contact
you via a phone call or letter.

Please make sure that your surgery has your up-to-date mobile phone number.

Please also keep an eye on our PCN website:

Here you will always be able to find up-to-date information.

Please do not ring your surgeries about flu or Covid appointments, we will contact you when you
will be able to book appointments.

Thanks for your support,
Dr Stefan Waldendorf