Training at Linden Hall

We are proud to be a teaching practice for junior doctors at different levels in their career. As a patient you will come across different types of trainees at Linden Hall Surgery:


We have been working together with Keele University for more than 10 years in training medical students in their 4th year. They will see patients and take a history, but are always supervised by a doctor who will also see the patient and discuss the management. They work with us in blocks of four weeks at a time.


These are fully qualified doctors who work in a rotation between the hospital and GP surgeries. They are usually with us for 4 months and have always a supervisor allocated to them to ask questions if needed.


Registrars are training to become a GP, and are usually with us for 6 months or for their full final year. They work independently but also have an allocated doctor in case they have any questions.